BI & Analytics

On-demand access to business intelligence and analytics provides companies with critical insight and competitive advantage. Our BI & Analytics Services are designed around planning, architecting, visualizing, and analyzing your data so that big data pays big dividends for your business.

Simply put, we give clients the tools and the time to make better decisions.

Making Data Meaningful

With Data Intensity’s BI & Analytics Services, we deliver meaningful data to you that makes complex business decisions clear. We begin with a detailed project plan that defines the key questions that the data must answer. We then deliver an information system specific to your needs that enables clear visualization and interpretation of your data – your BIG DATA becomes ACTIONABLE DATA.

We make data meaningful by focusing on your ability to Grow, Optimize & Measure your business.

Your Benefits

Data Intensity can help you extract more meaning and value from your company’s data by
delivering the benefits of improved BI & Analytics. We work with you to:

  • Increase the quality and depth of your data to reduce errors and guesswork
  • Create and implement a multi-phase BI and analytics roadmap for meeting your needs for solid and timely information
  • Apply powerful analytics to reduce complexity, risk and lost opportunity
  • Provide custom dashboards that expedite decision-making and ensure alignment with strategic objectives
  • Put comprehensive information in the hands of decision makers at all levels of your organization

Big Data on the Cloud – Analytics1™

Data Intensity’s Analytics1™ is your single source for Analytics in the cloud. It provides organizations with an Analytics and Business Intelligence solution that is easy to buy, easy to use and easy to manage big data. Analytics1 takes complexity out of a multi-tool, multi-skillset solution so you can focus on running your business.

We have a long track record of providing intelligence and analytics for companies to drive their own incremental productivity and profits. Our work with hundreds of analytics and BI customers led us to develop Analytics1, a unique conclusion to solve this dilemma — what is needed is a solution that reduces Complexity while delivering Capacity, and more Capabilities.

Organizations using visualization software need a way to quickly visualize data, but more importantly they need a way to architect the data so that it is accurate, high-quality and secure. And, they need a way to manage data on an ongoing basis once the implementation is done.

Click on the link below to learn more about Data Intensity’s Analytics1™ Solution for big data: