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Analytics1™: Your single source for Analytics in the cloud includes functional services – such as visualization and architecture services as well as hosting and platform services (cloud application services or remote database services).

Our Business Intelligence Service Desk provides customers with a team of experienced professionals provided in an “on-demand” model with the added benefit of knowing the customer’s environment. These professionals perform job roles equivalent to a Data Architect, ETL Builder, SQL developer in your organization.

Data Visualization and Business Intelligence Services

On-demand access to business intelligence and analytics provides companies with critical insight and competitive advantage. But research shows that 75% of organizations lack the skills and technology to use their data to gain an edge on competitors.

Data Architecture
Our Data Architecture services modify, adapt and enhance: data models, data warehouses, ETL processes, Master Data Management and data migrations. We ensure your data is clean and accurate so you’re not rapidly visualizing inaccurate data.

Data Visualization
Our Data Visualization services modify, adapt and enhance scorecards, performance displays & dashboards, simulation models and mobile tools.

Supported Technologies for our Visualization Services include:

  • Tableau Server
  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle BI Server / BI Applications

Hosting and Platform Services

Our cloud application and remote database management solutions monitor, maintain, and analyze your analytics infrastructure (database and data warehouse).We support your infrastructure and platform so business professionals can focus on insights and IT can focus on running the business.

In these services we:

  • Monitor, maintain, and analyze data integrity
  • Monitor and execute ETL processes
  • Execute routine infrastructure processes
  • Execute Master Data Management process
  • Troubleshoot data and infrastructure errors
  • Conduct a Quarterly Customer Architecture Performance and Recommendation Review

Application Management Services
Our Application Managed Services give you a team of 24 x 7 technical resources at a fixed fee to ensure your systems are kept up and are running at peak performance. Our knowledgeable resources can increase your capabilities and give you better 24 x 7 coverage.

Supported technologies include:

  • Informatica PowerCenter and Cloud
  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • Database Management Services

Database Management Services
Supported technologies include:

  • Tableau Server
  • Oracle BI Server/ BI Applications
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • DB2

Your Benefits

Analytics1™ takes the complexity out of an analytics/business intelligence solution so you can focus on driving business value. It makes analytics easy to buy, easy to understand, and easy to manage.

  • Clean & Accurate Data – Our on-demand data architecture services ensure your data is clean and accurate so you’re not rapidly visualizing inaccurate data.
  • Gain Clear Understanding of your Business – We provide rapid, dynamic visualization of data to gain insights on customers, products, services, and business operations.
  • Focus on the Business – Our Cloud application and database management services support your infrastructure and platform so business professionals can focus on insights and IT can focus on running the business. 

Setting the Stage for Competitive Advantage

Analytics and Big Data are some of the most significant trends impacting business and technology today. Many organizations are realizing that analytics is the new competitive advantage. Some examples include:

  • A Fortune 500 Financial Services firm generated over $75M in incremental profits by developing analytics tools for cross-selling, customer persistency and agent productivity analysis.
  • A Fortune 100 manufacturer created over $20M in incremental profits in the first year of using a new analytics supply chain platform. By analyzing linear regression models along with national sales data, they developed a unique model to identify key measures on what quantity to build of each product.
  • A major clinical health system created a strategic roadmap to tackle chronic diseases that were becoming epidemic within their patient population. Data Intensity partnered with their professional community and IT organization to help strategize, design, create, and implement an analytics platform for patient care, changing the way they practice medicine.
Oracle BI & Analytics Roadmap

Oracle BI & Analytics Roadmap

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